The Author

I`m Vegard Botterli. 31 years old, student at Kingston University, London.
I have had a strong passion for Life, The Universe and Everything for as long as I can remember. And as you can understand, just looking up at the stars isn`t enough, I need to know why they shine as well. How gravity and matter create a spark in the sky so powerful it gives us life. And perhaps that is what brings us together here in this small cubicle in cyberspace.. The curiosity and wonder over the mysteries in the Universe. So let`s travel together, beyond senses and logic, to a world of unimaginable power and beauty.

Feel free to comment or criticise!

  1. Dear Vegard,

    It’s nice to see your passion come to life. This is a great initiative and I commend you for a job well done. I am certain that a lot of people will benefit from what you will post on the site.

    Glad to know you. So proud to have a friend like you.

    • I`m humbled by such a comment. 🙂 I`m happy that you find the topics interesting, and hope you will find them compelling in the future as well. I will certainly do my best to keep it that way.



  2. Hei, jeg er journaliststudent på City, og når jeg kikket på bloggen din kom følgende epost opp i hukommelsen (den er ikke fra meg altså):

    My name is Emily France and I work for a TV production company called Mentorn Media. We have made programmes for 26 years which include Question Time, Dispatches and Cutting Edge. Please see here for further information:
    We are currently making a brand new programme for Channel 5 looking at amazing feats of aviation, with a particular focus on safety and the science behind it. We are primarily looking at how in previous events, the pilots, plane technology and safety systems have meant that even in situations in which there have been problems during flights (bird strikes, lightning, crosswinds), the technology and skill are in place to prevent these becoming a larger problem. We plan to feature footage of incredible plane landings and take offs and explore the science and story behind them.
    As part of the programme, we are keen to speak to people who are aviation experts, and wondered if you might be able to offer people from the Journalism MA course at City whom it might be worth speaking to, with a view to potentially feature them on camera too. Are there journalists from your course who have specialised their final theses on, or shown a special interest in physics, meteorology or aviation? Perhaps they have spoken out about aircraft engineering, physics or weather systems before?

    I’d love to know your thoughts about this, so please do let me know if you think there might be anyone from your magazine that would have a view on the subject. Meanwhile if you’ve got any questions for me please feel free to get in touch on 0207 258 6817.

    Kind regards,
    Emily France

    Emily France
    Mentorn Media

    Elsinore House 77 Fulham Palace Road London W6 8JA

    0207 258 6817 – direct
    020 7258 6800 – switchboard
    0207 258 6888 – fax

    Mvh Hege

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