Scientists create self-assembling metal rubber

In Uncategorized on December 1, 2011 at 00:14

Polymer chemists have found a way to make almost any material carry an electric current, through a process called self-assembly. The new technology can be heated, frozen or drenched in jet-fuel without loosing it’s conductivity and repair itself if damaged.

The metal rubber can be used to make malleable and electrically charged aircraft wings, artificial muscles or wearable computers.

The new tech can be applied to almost any material through a simple chemical process, dipping the substrate material into a negative and positive chemical solution, imprinting it with electric properties.

Wearable technology and artificial limbs will be subjected to extreme wear and tear, just the reason why English school-boys have always used short-trousers. Little boys’ knees repair themselves, trousers do not.

Metal rubber might make long trousers fashionable in English primary-schools for the first time in centuries. If the material is broken or deformed, just run an electric current through, and it bounces back to it’s original form.


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