Is speed irrelevant when thinking about faster than light neutrinos at Opera-Gran Sasso??

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Albert, old boy. They can't touch you.

Albert, old boy. They can't touch you.

The Opera experiment at CERN has perhaps tickled the stress-hormones of the physics community. But they are probably not too worried, because they know they are the ones that are paid to figure it out anyway.

Traces of high-energy particles in a bubble-chamber.

Traces of high-energy particles in a bubble-chamber.

Perhaps velocity falls out of the context, following that velocity in the universe can only be determined by an objects’ relative motion to other objects in the same reference-frame (ie space-time.)

If one looks at the universe as a brane, then it may be so that these small elusive neutrinos can take a jump off the old brane and come back again shortly after. Thus departing for a few nano-seconds by our time, out of the space-time geometry and into a realm of physics that have been unobservable outside the confines of a piece of paper. Taking a geometrical shortcut outside the grasp of Einstein.

Einstein’s theories inherently admits not knowing the answer to this riddle. But he may very well be pointing us in the direction of it.

“I see far because I stand on the shoulders of giants.”

Isaac Newton

Albert Einstein did not live to see String Theory, and the world would most likely never seen it either if had not been for Einstein, and his revelations about energy – matter equivalence, and matter – space-time interactions.

On our particular layer in the Universe, Einstein is rock-solid.

  1. The OPERA recorded speed of Neutrino which is more than light. Before 23 years, I had proved mathematically that relative velocity may be more than light velocity. CERN proved experimentally that velocity of Neutrinos may be more than light, if this news will be confirmed then that will be new beginning of physics. So, it is necessary to think different than old concept of science.
    Please read paper “What is matter & dark matter is made up of?” on my web site This paper may help to find solution to this problem & other problems like what is dark matter? & about true relativity. I strongly oppose special theory of relativity.

    • Can you describe the conditions of the cesium gas experiment, where they claim to exceed c by 310 times?

    • After reading about the experiment (which is very interesting by the way) I see that the mass-less photon seems to be able to defy C. But it seems to me that the way it does it, is not by traveling faster than c themselves, they hitch a ride on information that have already gone trough the gas-chamber (I.e the previous laser pulse that have to prepare the gas-chamber before the results can be achieved), and so it can be that they appear to defy causality.

      And it must be stated that the reasons why the speed of light is so set (dare I say on our brane) is that the electron or nucleus cannot release photons any quicker than c, as this is sown in to the fabric of the Universe by planck’s constant. That one might utilize soliton effects such as this, to perhaps bend the rules, is very interesting indeed.

      But for the natural universe that we can observe, Einstein is still the man.

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